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Monday, October 27, 2014

Emotionally Attractive=Awareness of Others & Empathy

Emotionally Attractive=Awareness of Others & Empathy

Being emotionally attractive sometimes means reading between the lines: knowing what our partners need before they know what they need. Awareness shows thoughtfulness and regard for how others feel.  It’s called empathy as the two of you have joined as one. In healthy relationship two halves make a whole. In relationships that lack emotional attraction those two halves make a hole. Being unaware makes the other feel invisible, discounted and unimportant. Celebrating relationships with awareness means that we can hear, feel and desire our partners’ thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for things that we need from our partners but having awareness by playing close attention will make our emotional attraction stronger. For today, find a way to observe your partner’s body language, tone and facial expression during conversations with others, while watching a comedy show or by giving without any reason.

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